Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Vegan Mimosa Salad


Vegan Mimosa Salad

In Ukraine people knows Mimosa salad very well - it's a canned fish,  potato,  eggs,  carrots,  grated and layered with some mayo spread in between layers.  Rich, filling and yummy,  it was one of my favorite.. well,  a while ago.

Now,  when I'm vegan for a several years now,  I finally found the vegan version of recipe that I really like. Here the recipe for a crowd. 

For about 10" Mimosa salad: 

- 2 blocks of extra firm tofu

- 4 large golden yellow potatoes

- 2 large carrots

- 4-6 sheets or nori seaweed

- 5 green onions, green part only

- pinch or two of turmeric powder

- 1 tbsp soy sauce

- pinch or two black salt

- vegan mayo

- 1/2 tbsp flavorless olive oil

- 2 tsp smoked paprika powder

- salt, pepper

- two dill sprigs for garnishing

1) Peel potato and carrots and cook them in a boiling water until completely cooked. Drain the water, cool down potatoes and carrots. 

2). Break nori into large chunks and process in a  food processor into small pieces (or cut it with a scissors).

3). Coursely grate tofu and cook in a non-stick pan, stirring, for a couple minutes until it's hot and cooked through. Divide into two parts. 

In one part add soy sauce, seaweed and smoked paprika, mix well and set aside.  It's going to be our "canned fish" bottom layer.

Divide second half into smaller part and larger part.  To a smaller part,  add black salt and pinch of turmeric. It's going to be our "egg yolks". To a larger part, add pinch of black salt and a spoon or two mayo, it's going to be our "egg whites".

4). Chop green onion.

5). Assembling. I used special ring for layered salads,  but you can just use any round dish. Here is the order of layers you need to put your ingredients in:

- "canned fish" tofu

- mayo

- green onion

- coarsely grated potato

- mayo

- coarsely grated carrots

- mayo

- "egg whites" tofu

- "egg yolks" tofu around the edges

- garnish with dill and "egg yolks" to create a pretty mimosa branch

- cover with plastic wrap and keep in a fridge.


- Salad can be prepared one day in advance.

- Secret ingredient is the black salt. It transforms tofu into eggs giving that specific eggy aroma. I would highly suggest do not omit this ingredient.