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DK Challenges
This category shows monthly reports of my take on The Daring Kitchen challenges. These posts include recipes I used, comments and cooking process pictures. Occasionaly I include some unrelated photos that I took at the moment and liked that much that couldn't help myself not to post it right away.

I live in an area where there are a lot of international grocery shops and virtually any ingredient is accessible for me. It would be a shame for me not to take advantage of it and not to dive into exploration of exciting world of different cuisines. My favorite ones are Japanese, French, Indian, Thai, VIetnamese and Middle Eastern. I'm sure I missed one or two :). Actually I would say there are no "bad" cuisines - there are bad cooks. Each cuisine has its own gems and it's a great fun to discover them.

Kitchen Gadgets
In this category's posts I would like to share information about my favorite kitchen tools and how I use it. Those tools are carefully selected, time-verified and dearly loved. Feel free to ask about any additional information you'd like to know.

My Failures
Here I tell about new and exciting recipes I have tried and which did not meet my expectations. That does not mean at all that recipe is bad. I try to analyze what went wrong and eventually can take another chance on it - there must be a reason why I liked the recipe in a first place.

My Garden
I just can't hold in to myself the excitement and wonder that nature brings. The miracle of growing live things and beauty of it is hard to put in words, that's why there will be a lot of pictures in a posts. Labor and time put into garden work makes me appreciate each piece of produce on my table. That is where my principle of using every possible part of plant or animal is coming from.

My Staple Food
I put in this category all dishes I cook in my household on a regular basis. Mostly they are quick, tasty and healthy. I hope you will try them and will like them as well.

My Successes
I love to experiment in a kitchen with new recipe and especially with new ingredients. When results are exciting - it's a success. Definition of excitement here is when texture, flavor and taste are one whole wonderful palate's pleasureful experience and you close your eyes to turn off other senses and concentrate on this single one in your mouth.

Perfect Breakfast
It's my favorite time of a day, in a summer morning, when you go out on a deck (pajama's on) with a cup of coffee and plate of simple breakfast. In a crisp morning air, breakfast has to be warm and delicious. Eggs in any form are my all time favorite. With these specific requirements, I try to catch and document every perfect breakfast that I come across.

USSR-era Recipes
It's a big chunk of my life I lived in USSR before it fell apart. Recipes in this category are basically international ones as they include, of course, Ukrainian (I'm from Kiev), a lot of Russian, Georgian, Jewish, Middle-Eastern type dishes from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenia, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet republics. Often it is a fusion recipe that's hard to define origin of. But all of them are loved by us, people from former USSR, we call ourselves 'soviets' or 'sovki' etc. As soon as globally speaking there were not enough time for new "soviet" navion to form (is it blessing?), I will often call "Russian" any nation under the late "USSR roof". I admit that it's not politicaly ans culturally correct, so pardon me in advance. Also most of these recipes historically based on great Slovenian, French, Mediterranian and Middle-Eastern cuisines. So, just try them and you may find your new favorite.

What's for dinner
I decided to modify my "What's for Dinner" section to include actual recipe of whatever I have put together for dinner. I hope it will be more useful for readers. As soon as my dinners are almost always improvisations, by documenting recipes I will benefit too - I won't lose those successful meals that often happen randomly without any special efforts. I'm not sure if I will be publishing "all right" meals but those "wow"-once will get here for sure. Also I will publish pictures and possibly recipes of everything yummi, impressive or extraordinary I ate anywhere else prepared by someone else.

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