Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quick Morning Guacamole

Mild, easy guacamole, quickly whipped in a morning, is exactly what avocado lover needs. On a behalf of such, I highly recommend to try this recipe. It takes just a 5 minute to make this treat.

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I make this guacamole often. We love it! As it's a morning treat, I am not adding garlic or onion. Surprisingly, it has no effect on a level of "guac enjoyment". 

What is it?

Guacamole, smashed with a fork, a splash of lime juice and salt are the key ingredients. Couple of other ingredients such as tomato, black pepper are no more than optional ones.

Taste Description

Natural buttery smoothness of avocado, enhanced with a mild acidity of lime, creates this amazing savory-fruity essence of this simplest nevertheless sensational guacamole.

How to Serve

For a breakfast, serve on a toasted bagel or bread. Or use as a dip for a handful of nice crackers.
Leftovers, covered with a plastic wrap the way plastic touches the surface of guacamole, can be kept in a fridge.


- Here is a tip on buying and storing your avocados. When shopping for avocado, no need to press on each avocado to choose a ripe one. Pick firmest and greenest avocados. Just make your purchase in advance, two-three days before you intend to use your avocados. Let them ripe up on a counter, at room temperature, in a plastic bag, to the point they are almost black. After that, you have a choice to transfer them in a fridge or to leave on a counter for another day to finish ripening process. Transferring in a fridge, you prolong the time for up to a week during which you can use them, one by one or all together. Just keep them in a bag - you don't want skin to dry up, otherwise it will be hard to peel a skin (see my pictures below how I like to cut an avocado). 

- Did you ever saw those ridiculous constructions preventing toasted bread from becoming soggy, so called toast sweat? You don't need that. Just "build" bagel "house" as seeing on the picture below, and you never end up with a sweaty toast.

Quick Morning Guacamole

  • 1 avocado
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/4 lime (juice)
  • pinch of black pepper
  • 1 small roma tomato, chopped
- Cut avocado in quarters, peel each quater. In a bowl, roughly mash avocado pieces with a fork into a chunky style puree.

- Add remaining ingredients. Stir.

- Enjoy!



Right after bagels pop out of your toaster, build a house of your toasted bagel to avoid "toast sweat"

This is my favorite way to deal with avocado. First, cut it in a half. Sticking knife into a stone in another half of avocado, with a twisting movement, remove a stone. Then cut each half in a half to get your avocado quartered. Peel avocado quarter from a corner, that is where flexible, not dried out, skin is crucial. Any damaged spots should remain on a peeled skin. Then slice this piece holding it on your palm or, like in this case, throw in a bowl for mashing.

To prevent your guacamole leftovers from darkening, cover them with plastic wrap in such a way it stick to a surface of guacamole. Then cover with a lid. It will keep in a fridge for up to two days.