Sunday, February 19, 2012

English Muffin Duet

There is not much cooking here. But sometimes knowing what ready-to-go products to put together in some specific way worth more that some fancy high-end technique dish. It just happened that at that moment I had these ingredients and they were "match-in-heaven" for my perfect breakfast. This breakfast is perfect for yet another reason - it satisfies my sweet tooth also and guilt-free healthy.



1 english muffin split in half
2 tbs cottage cheese of your choice (homemade is the best)
slice of tomato
slice of fresh mozzarella
maple syrup

- In a toaster, place one muffin-half and another muffin-half topped with tomato and mozzarella. I figured out that no spices or anything else is required here. Pure taste of cheese and tomato are awesome!

- When done, put both muffin pieces on a plate. Top bare one with cottage cheese and few pieces of banana. With maple syrup on a side it will be your breakfast dessert!

- First, enjoy mozarella-tomato one, then cheese-banana one. Or vice versa!

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