Sunday, February 19, 2012

What's for Dinner - Party Treats

Various Blinis, Beet Salad, Egg&Cheese Salad, Braised Fennel, Caramel-Miso Chicken, Caramel-Miso Fish
Place: home
Requirement: family dinner / gathering
- Blinis several kinds includin buckwheat ones (served with salted salmon), blini with vegetables, yeast blinis with sour cream.
- Beet salad (beet, prunes, garlic and mayo)
- Egg$Cheese salad (eggs, baby swiss cheese, mayo, garlic)
- Braised Fennel (from this month DK challenge)
- Caramel-Miso Chicken
- Caramel-Miso Fish (white ruffy)
Comment:  we were celebrating "maslenitsa" - old Folk Russian/Ukrainian end-of-winter holiday celebrated by cooking blinis, eating it with butter ("maslo") and playing snow games outdoor (well - didn't do this part :))
Buckwheat blini (to die for) made by my sister-in-law. Were served with shaved salted salmon. Buchwheat flavor is unparallel here because blini included home ground buckwheat flour.
Tower of vegetable blinis (with speckles of zucchini and carrot). Served with sour cream.

Beet salad (staple food for USSR-era folks)

Egg$Cheese salad (also staple for USSR-lived folks)

Braise Fennel - new great discovery from DK challenges.

Caramel-miso chicken (was on a verge of ddry but still very delicious according to my son).

Caramel-miso white ruffy fish cooked teh same way as chicken above (though picture is taken before caramel-miso sauce was pour on a top). Tasty too.

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