Monday, April 2, 2012

Chicken Galantine With Kale Pesto

I love to watch videos with Jacques Pepin cooking. I adore him as a chef and value all that tips, tricks and of course recipes that he gives away in those videos. Recently I was fascinated with his Chicken Galantine video where he shows how to debone chicken and does it in a such clear and easy way that I couldn't wait to do it myself. Here is my take on Chicken Galantine. As I had some my Kale Pesto leftovers, I decided to stuff chicken with pesto and whole pieces of livers and hearts that come with chicken wrapped in paper and hidden inside of my chick. Yes, you heard me right - I used plural for liver and heart before because my poor single chick has come to me with addition of heart and liver from another poor chicken - so, double guts chicken!

Chicken Galantine with Kale Pesto

whole chicken, deboned
kale pesto - 2 cups (recipe)
Fresh of dried zest of 1 orange
salt, pepper
- Debone chicken (see video how to do this here )

- Put all bones and chicken carcass into pot with about 2 liters of water, bring it to a boil. Turn heat down to let it simmer and using spoon, get rid of foam from the surface of your broth. Add salt and pepper, half of onion and let it cook for about hour or two. We will use this a little bit of this broth later on. Leftovers can be strained and kept in a fridge for several days for something else.

- Spread deboned chicken flat on your prep-surface, skin down. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Then spread kale pesto evenly (stuff some pesto into chicken legs). Lay whole chicken liver and heart along the chicken spine, salt it and pepper it a little bit. Wrap and tie chicken together (see Jacques's video in a link above)

- In a big pan with a splash of olive oil, fry chicken on both sides (I used two spatulas to flip it over) until golden brown crust.

- Add about two cups of your broth from chicken bones right into the pan with chicken, throw orange zest there, cover with lid and cook on a stove top, on the lowest setting for about 2 hours.

- When done, turn heat off and let it rest for a while.

- Serve sliced, warm of cold. It you plan to serve it cold, put in a fridge for several hours and then slice - it will hold together much better. On my pictures I sliced it warm, it was very tasty according to my folks but slice did not hold together perfectly.

- Enjoy!

On these pictures you see so-called chicken popsicles - fun for you to make and fun for kids to eat. Jacques Pepin shows in a great details how to do it - see link above.

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