Thursday, May 31, 2012


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I'm expecting the birth.. The birth of a rose. Not just a rose - the rose I really wanted and dreamed about for the last 4 years. It's Ispahan rose, damask type of rose which is very fragrant and which I used to have at my old house and used to make rose preserves (or call it jam) from rose petals. That rose jam was just out of this world, beautiful in its purple-pink color and very flavorful and just delicious.

Last fall, I ordered Ispahan rose from Antique Rose Emporium and planted it in my new, still "under construction" garden. It took off nicely this spring and since first rose bud appeared on it, I was watching it impatiently every day. Below is this "Expecting" day-by-day chronicles in pictures.

Right now, this rose bush passed its pick of flowering and, could you believe, gave me enough rose petals to try out again my rose jam!

As you see here, some bugs liked my rose as much as myself and took a bit of it without asking permission..

..Baby-rose is born - beautiful as I expected (wet in a morning dew..) Interestingly, it does not release any fragrance in a morning. On a picture below, warmed up in sun, it is full of mindblowing fragrance, can you smell it there? Pity that we can't transfer smell over the ww web, just yet..

Same rose, in its prime, bathing in a gentle sun rays.

Baby is not a baby anymore and is ready for harvesting.

..Gone for the better use - straight to my kitchen, for the rose jam.

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