Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My garden roommates

Yes, all below are my garden roommate. Some I like, some I hate, some I afraid, some I just accept.

I love birds - they are always welcome here, I plant trees and bushes for them also not just for myself. I afraid of spiders, and they must be affraid of me - so we try not to come across of each other. If it happens I'm not sure I'll stick to my pacifistic nature, so I'm not sure what's going to happen. I ignore bees and carpenter bees specifically unless they start to ruin my house making nest under the siding as happened last year. Or drilling tunnels in our brand new deck roof as happens second year in a row. In this case I am forced to act and start to clog holes with a foil. They fight back and make another hole right next to old one (picture's coming..:))
So, meet some of my roommates:

I think my peony looks even better with this bug.

Carpenter bee, attempting crime against my property.

I was fighting weeds around old juniper bush and found this cardinal's nest. I had no choice as to perform reverse job of putting weeds back to mask the nest as it was before. I hope it will work - I would hate to lose my cardinals around.'s not all of my roommates, more coming.. you know - they are shy :)

I try to stay away from this beauty. It was enough adrenaline just from taking picture of it!

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