Monday, May 14, 2012

Marine-style pasta

In Russia, it could probably be named the most kids-friendly dish, or be the most beloved comfort home-style meal. At least it is so to my kids and used to be to me before I converted to vegetarianism. It might be one of very few foods I remember having  in a daycare in my so-far-away childhood. Anyway, if you happened to have picky-eater little one, this simple pasta meal can become a nice addition to your menu.

What it is
It's pasta, browned on a skillet with some meat and caramelized onion. Nothing fancy but very heart-warming treat.

How it's served
It is great with pickles on a side, hot, right from your stove or next day, reheated.

Some side comments
Despite being kind of similar to Italian pasta with tomato meat sauce - it is quite different in taste.

Presumably, this dish got its name, translated from Russian as "Marine-Style Pasta", from being on a regular menu for centuries on Russian naval ships.

How to store it
As usually - in a fridge :) Watch - it won't be "lost" on its shelves, everyone will remember: "Oh,yeaa, we have this pasta...".

Any type of pasta can be used in this dish and practically any kind of meat. Any other additions, such as herbs, green onion, pepper, mushrooms are acceptable but totally unnessessary.

- If you happened to have any cooked meat leftovers, just chop it finely (or grind) and use in this pasta dish. It is the best way to utilize your turkey leftovers after Thanksgiving. I bet it will be raved more than even the greatest performance of Thanksgiving Turkey.

Marine-Style Pasta

4 cups of cooked pasta (any type)
1 lb ground meat (raw or cooked)
1 large onion, chopped
salt and pepper to taste
5 tbs olive oil 

- In a large frying pan with olive oil, cook onion until just start to brown up.
- Add meat and cook until it starts to brown up also. It will take longer if you use raw ground meat.
- Add pasta, salt and pepper, and continue to cook until it's all hot and cooked through. If you like it with golden-brown crusted pieces - just let it cook longer, stirring, until desired condition.
- Enjoy! Be carefull - it's hard to stop eating this stuff, bring all your will power to the table :)


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