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Broccoli Omelet

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Last Saturday we visited local farmer's market. When we were strolling by picture-perfect broccoli, my son, looking down at me, started mumbling "when I was a little kid you used to cook for me that yummy broccoli omelet...". That was enough for me to get that broccoli and next morning we had that perfect breakfast that I value so much. Do you know, when something simple and good got forgotten and then make nostalgic come-back? That was it.
If you want to convert somebody to eat broccoli, this recipe may be a great starting point for this - broccoli here is a little crispy wherever it hits a skillet and slightly, just slightly tender on other sides.

- Substitute broccoli with any vegetable, adjust cooking time accordingly and you'll get great breakfast (too bad it won't be Broccoli Omelet anymore:))
- As always, fresh herbs are welcome. You can throw them into egg mix. Or use it for garnishing.
- Cheese. Of course, cheese makes a lot of dishes better. It's your call to use it here or not, and what kind of it.

Broccoli Omelet

Serves 4

1 large (or 2 small) heads of broccoli
6-8 eggs
1/2 c coarsely grated parmesan (totally optional)
olive oil (or ghee) for frying

- Separate broccoli into medium-to-small florets. Pour generous amount of oil on a skillet and cook broccoli florets on a medium heat until they brown up to your liking. Do not fry them too much - they will brown up more later, with egg mix. Salt them a little bit.

-  In a separate bowl, slightly whisk eggs. Add some salt.

- When broccoli get a little crispy, distribute them evenly in a skillet and pour eggs on top, evenly as well. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top (it's optional!). Immediately turn heat to low, cover and let omlet to cook for about 2-8 minutes.

-When eggs almost settled, divide omelet into 4 wedges and flip over each wedge separately. This step is optional - you can leave one side of your omelet cheesy and tender, then just bottom part will be fried-crispy. But we like to fry it on both sides - in this case parmesan creates its own tasty crust.

- Use non-stick pan for this - it will make things easier.
I fell in love right away ..with this one.. on the right

It is about time to add eggs..

Farm-fresh eggs...Should I get some hens to have my own eggs?! :)))

..topped with parmesan.

It'd be better if I would use non-stick for this...It got some more tan than I wanted ..but still good.

Other side [of moon] is just perfect!

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