Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cheesy-Easy Bread Pudding

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Combination of bread and cheese, served hot, was always my favorite thing for breakfast. Bread pudding I'm about to describe is one of those perfect breakfasts "my way".

Why I Liked It
This dish is very flexible - the only mandatory ingredients are bread, eggs and cheese. All others are whatever you have on hands today - vegetables, pieces of bacon or sausage, even smoked fish if you wish so! 

Taste Description
It's crunchy on top, chewy and warming in a middle and juicy-melted on a bottom.

- Use any nicely melting cheese - mozzarella, cheddar, gruyere.
- Vegetables are optional. Ideally it has to be vegetable that releases some juices during cooking process - tomato, zucchini, mushrooms.
- Use any bread you have, really - any, even if it is stale one.
- Use dry herbs that you like in place of fresh parsley.

- If you want to use root vegetables such as carrot or parsnips instead of juicy ones I suggested above, or do not want to add vegetables at all - add a splash or two of water or milk to the bread pudding mix before cooking - it will save you from pudding being too dry.
- If you put some additional cheese on a top before baking - you will get nice and cheesy golden crust on a top. Although, I like my pudding crunchy on a top - I'll get to that melted goodness while digging it down :)

Cheese-Easy Bread Pudding

For a 4 servings:

6 eggs
8 oz mozzarella
2 slices of baguette diced into .5" cubes
2 slices of dark rye bread diced into .5" cubes
12 grape tomatoes, quartered
dash of salt
black pepper
some fresh parsley
2 tbs light olive oil

- Slightly whisk eggs, then add diced mozzarella to the egg mix.

- In a large bowl stir all ingredients, except olive oil, together: diced bread, quartered tomatoes, chopped parsley, egg/mozzarella mix, salt and pepper.

- Take 4 ramekins, splash .5 tablespoon of olive oil into each one and, using your fingers, nicely oil bottom and walls of ramekins.

- Distribute bread pudding mix evenly between ramekins (or not evenly: papa-bear got to eat more than baby-bear :))

- Bake pudding in a pre-heated to 375F oven (or toaster-oven as I like to do) until golden-brown on a top. 

- Enjoy!

Before oven...

..and after

It is really crunchy on a top. Dig down and you'll find melted treasure down there!

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