Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Piece of Horror

When we come across Giant Water Bug on a floor of our garage another night - yes, it was scary. Thing has become a "Piece of Horror" when during my close-up photo session with it, it suddenly started to fly in unpredictable directions -wwhhoaaa.
I've made a scream as never before .. now I wonder why our neighbors didn't come out to ask if we are ok? Hmmm
Anyway, later on, the "monster" was incarcerated into a glass jar and let go free on the back of our backyard - I still think it's not far enough from me :(

Please take a look at this "beauty", keep in mind it was just under 3 inches long and let me know - isn't it a "piece of horror" or what?!

Web info tells me: this thing lives in a mud of ponds and lakes (no wonder - 10 yards from us there is neighbor's pond!). Giant Water Bug (that’s its name) eats small fish and frogs (!) by piercing and injecting some sort of poison, it flies to light source at night (should I turn light off at night now?!). The best of all - it can bite human (not deadly though.. to be fare). Here IT is:

yes, I was brave enough to hold IT on my palm.. of course in a tightly closed glass jar.

You see that its front legs/jaws are fussy just because IT was fiercely moving it. Under that top shell there are wings, yeaaa!

Poor thing .. look at its eyes full of his own horror :( Can you see those eyes here?

You can see its eyes here too (this picture is taken with flash so is different from rest of pics).

P.S. My Apology
My apology to those who got negative emotions just little too much. From philosophically optimistic stand point - nobody was hurt :) and may be through the eyes of this creature I was even more scary and ugly to IT :)



  1. you're much braver than I am :)

    1. thanks..but you just didn't hear that scream :))))


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