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Easy Cream Cheese Quesadilla

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Do you ever wake up and have no desire what-so-ever to cook anything more complicated than scrambled egg or so? Well, the recipe below really is not more complicated than that with an over-the-top satisfactory rate. With a cup of coffee you are good to go to whatever you have in plans for your weekend. Did I ever mentione that I cook breakfasts exclusively on weekends? On weekdays my breakfast consists mostly of some kind of small pastry and cup of coffee... then another one [coffee]... and may be one more if I really need to open both eyes.
Back to weekend breakfast - that's the time when you can start slowly on cooking and then slip back to half-awakened state enjoying fruits of your labor sitting on a summer deck, mellowed by food, coffee and birds chirping.
So here is the perfect-fit recipe, right for the scenario above.

- Endless. Cream cheese is a plain, no-fuzz, readily available ingredient that creates nice airy contrast to crunchy tortilla crust. Although any cheese would work, but I insist - try cream cheese, you'll be surprised.
- Any protein additions are welcome (as bologna below for my carnivores) but do not go over with it - the whole point of this quesadilla is crusty-crust and a thin smooth but flavorful filling.
- For a "flavorful" part of filling I like green onion here. I think a little bit of another finely chopped vegetable or even some spice would be a good substitute for this.

How to Serve
Cut in half and serve as a breakfast; cut in smaller wedges and serve as hors d'oeuvres at your next party!

Cream Cheese Quesadilla

Serves 2

2 tortillas (I used chili pepper tortillas from Trader Joe's)
4 tbs cream cheese
1/2 c chopped green onion
2 slices bologna (optional)
oil for frying (optional)

- Spread cream cheese on a half of each tortillas and sprinkle with green onions. Place chopped bologna on a top (if using any). On the pictures below you'll see the swirls of bologna - that's just because I didn't bother myself with a cutting board and cut bologna right in my hands, rolling bologna pieces up beforehand :)

-  Flip another half of tortilla over and throw both tortillas on a preheated pan slightly covered with olive oil. Fry on a medium low heat, under tortilla press (use a plate otherwise), until it's golden crusted. Flip it over and fry until other side is done.

- Enjoy right away or let it cool down for a couple of minutes. Or, eat it cold - still good

Who knew that I'm going to use this tortilla press this often. Actually it comes useful far beyond "tortilla world".

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