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Plums Cooked in Wine

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Plums Cooked in Wine

It's a winter here so what I could expect from plums brought from supermarket? Visually appealing, they were rather hard as tennis ball than that tender and juicy fruit that I know and love. Well, trying not to choke on unhealthy frustration I started to think what can I do with them  besides my favorite way for fruits - eating them raw. And ...  I come up with this recipe, simple and easy: plums cooked in sweet wine. In this recipe I actually salvaged not only poor plums but also my wine leftovers that were sitting in a bar for who knows how long. I have found some 1 or 2 cups of moscato wine and one or two cups of sangria. I wanted to finish it up with homemade praline - crushed almond and caramel. But plums, as I cooked them and cooled down, didn't live for a long as we found out they are totally great without praline. Although I suspect with praline it would be heavenly dessert... well.. may be next time.

- I figured out that spices of your choice could be appropriate here but personally I wanted to retain natural plum flavor and taste.
- Add some sugar to the wine during cooking if you think your plums are not sweet enough. I didn't add any as it seems to me sweet wine added its own sweetness to plums.

Taste Description
As plums will be cooling down, they become a bit more tough than when you just pulled them out from a pan. So texture will still be "toothy" but much more pleasant than rocky raw winter plums! Taste is sweet-and-sour, with a distinct plum flavor.

How to Serve
I served it as a side to my brownie cake - sweet cake and sour-ish plums were the perfect match.

Plums Cooked in Wine

  • about 10 plums
  • 2-3 cups of any sweet wine such as moscato or sangria (I used both)
- In a covered pan, simmer plums in a wine, on a low heat, for about 20-25 minutes or until they become soft and tender. Carefully flip them over couple times during a cooking process.
- With a spoon, remove plums from a pan and reduce remaining juices to get nice semi-pouring glaze.  Remember, if your glaze is too thick, you can always add a splash of water and heat it, stirring, to receive desired consistency.
- Drizzle glaze over plums and let them cool down completely. Cover, place in a fridge. Serve cold. Enjoy!


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