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Stuffed Prune Dessert

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Stuffed Prune Dessert
In the same "Jewish Style Cookbook" which inspired my previous soft-bone sardines post, I discovered a forgotten prune dessert recipe well-known to all my Kiev's fellows. I didn't make and didn't eat it for a long-while and, boy, am I glad to spot it again?!
It may sound strange for you to stuff "stomach relief" dry fruit with walnuts and cover them with a blob of sweet sour cream but I promise, if you try it - you'll be hooked.
Plus if you are on a low-carb regimen this dessert can be real finding for you, isn't it? And kind of good for you too!
Should I mention here my love relationships with a sour cream (which is irreplaceable part of this recipe)? Well, long time ago, in my deep childhood, I being caught eating sour cream from a jar (yeaaa.. mixed with a sugar). Do you have an idea what a awesome treat this is? With a age I have learn to control my desires.. but ..oh.. how tasty the stuff is! You are still not convinced right?

- Please, please, please do not substitute sour cream for anything else for the following reasons:

       - mascarpone is too heavy and fatty for this...
       - whipped cream is light but do not have that sour-y tingling taste that sour cream has
       - yogurt, even greek-one, does not have enough fat in it to be a good substitute here too

- I did not try to do the same trick with another dry fruits such as apricots or dates, or use other nuts - pecans or such. It just does not sound right to me but some day I may try.

Taste Description
It's heavenly tasty, sweet, creamy and slightly chewy with tender aromas of prune and sour cream. Light sour notes of sour cream balanced out with sugar, calmed down with natural fruity sweetness of prune give you the perfect level of "dessertyness" - not overly sweet but good enough to satisfy that sweet-loving demon inside of you. Too much of word "sweet" right?(oops, one more)

How to Serve and Store
Serve as a light dessert on a flat plate with a tiny serving tongs on a side. Don't be shy on sour-cream topping - it's never too much of this goodness.
It can be kept in a fridge for several days without losing any power. If you want to make it in advance, keep stuffed prunes and sour cream sauce/topping separately and pour sour cream right before serving. Good luck! It's actually very easy to make so no much luck needed actually :)
Stuffed Prune Dessert

For about 30 prunes:
  • 30 prunes, pitted and cut half-open
  • 30 walnut quarters
  • 2 cups of sour cream (not a low-fat or zero-fat pls)
  • 4 tbs of sugar (adjust sugar to your taste)
- Stuff prunes with walnut (quarter of a whole walnut meat fits nicely into the prune).
- Mix sour cream with a sugar. Pour sour cream sauce generously on a top of each stuffed prune. Enjoy!

After all, I don't mind to get some more sour cream sauce on a top :)

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  1. My one daughter would love something like this. It looks like a perfect afternoon pick me up.


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