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Poppy Seed French Toast

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Poppy Seed French Toast


Who doesn't like french toast? My mom was making me french toasts all-my-childhood-long, too bad we didn't know that whole world was calling it "french toast". My mom just called it "sweet fried buns".
Recently, when I got tired tossing leftovers of mediocre-store-bought poppy seed roll around my fridge, idea of making "poppy seed french toast" has come to my mind. Boy, I'm glad it did. It's like double-pleasure - transforming something nobody would eat anymore in something everybody would be hunting after.Can you imagine not just plain french toast but french toast packed with poppy seeds filling? It is exectly this great in real life as it sounds.

Besides being tasty, it is ...
- ..perfect way to utilize pastry leftovers. If it's savory pastry - skip the sugar.

Taste Description
I seriously suspect that "french-toasted leftovers" are actually a notch or two better that original right-from-the-oven pastry. Soaking in a egg-y milk and frying makes this toast heavenly moist inside and awesomely crunchy on a bite. There is a huge withdrawal though - you just can't stop eating it :)

How to Serve
Yes, it's the best when served right from a skillet. But it is also very nice even after it cools down.

Poppy Seed French Toast

  • poppy seed roll leftovers, sliced (and optionally cut in half as I did)
  • 1-2 eggs
  • 2-3 tbs sugar (or to taste)
  • 1.5 - 2 cups milk
  • light olive oil (odorless) to fry

- In a shallow dish (I used the same plastic container my poppy seed roll comes in - make sure there is no holes in it ;), mix milk, sugar and eggs just enough to make somewhat uniform liquid.

- Place your poppy seed roll pieces into the egg mixture. Let it seat there for a 5 minutes. Flip over and let it seat for another 5 minutes.

- Preheat skillet with a little olive oil, then turn heat down. Fry soaked pastry pieces on both sides, on a medium-low heat until golden-brown. Do not fry on a high heat - it will get burnt and still be soggy inside.

- Enjoy!


- Personally, I like this kind of french toast without any kind of sprinkles such as cinnamon, powdered sugar or anything else. It is just perfect as is. But feel free to "puff it up" with anything you like - cinnamon, jam, fruits, etc.

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