Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baked Tofu with Gun Powder

If you like tofu but hate when it splatters around with a hot oil while pan-fried, then this recipe is for you - oven baked tofu spiced up with delicious Indian Gun Powder spice mix.

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Baked Tofu with Gun Powder


Do you really like to clean up these nasty oil drops all over your stove after frying tofu slices in your skillet? I don't. I always suspected that human laziness is the real force behind all inventions.

Of course I have not invented baking tofu per se but some acute moment of laziness was definitely behind this particular recipe that I put together recently - bake and sprinkle, what can be easier for tofu preparation?

I have to say I used here one of my latest finding on kitchen equipment market - silicon baking mat (see picture below with a tofu sitting on a mat and ready to go to go in an oven). This silicon mat is your best warrant that your food won't stick to it- even that one that sticks to oiled foil (the way I baked before silicon mat-era). I had my doubts about how safe those mats are at 450F oven but so far I'm convinced it is safe indeed - just do not buy cheap, made in china, versions (China - no offence - I love you guys).

What is it?

Smudged with a nice oil, tofu pieces are baked in an oven and flavored with Indian Gun Powder spice mix.

Taste Description

Tasteless, bland tofu gets its "face lift" from both, spice mix and oil. Oil brings smoothness and substance while spice mix put up a lot of flavor and gentle heat so the tofu becomes the perfect carrier for this this unique spice.

How to Serve

Serve as you would serve steak or piece of meat - with some vegetable or grain-based side and perhaps with your favorite sauce for added fun. It will be perfect in vegetarian sandwiches with all usual accompanying fresh vegetables and spreads.
It will keep in a fridge for a few days to be the part of your take-from-home lunches.

Baked Tofu with Gun Powder

  • 2 blocks of tofu
  • 4-5 tbs oil of your choice (or melted butter) 
  • salt to taste
  • 2 tbs of Gun Powder

- Slice tofu into 2/3" thick slices and place on a cutting board in one layer. Cover with a clean paper towel to absorb excess of liquid, place another cutting board on top and top with some weight (I use my kettle half-filled with water). Let it seat for about 15 minutes to get rid of some moisture from a tofu. 

- Place tofu on a greased baking sheet, generously top each piece with oil of your choice (I used grape oil for this) or melted butter and sprinkle with some salt.

- Bake in a preheated to 380F oven until tofu gets nice golden-brown edges.

- Remove from oven and generously sprinkle with gun powder. Voila! Enjoy!

IF you plan to eat this tofu in a sandwiches - make bigger pieces than I showed here.
Here is my "system" for dehydrating tofu. I tucked a paper towel under a cutting board to level it toward the sink in case any water streams.

..oil these buddies nicely...
..just come out of oven...
...sprinkled with gun powder and ready to jump on your plate...


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  1. This looks delicious! I love to cube tofu, bake it, then add it to stir fry...but never tried it with gun powder. :)


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