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Coconut Basil Millet

It's one of my favorite latest new discoveries - awesome texture and unbelievable flavors - coconut and basil - heavenly combination.

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Coconut Basil Millet


Inspiration for this recipe has come from some cookbook name of which has escaped me :(. It struck me with cool combination of unpopular millet unexpectedly paired with basil, coconut milk and grated coconut.
In a few days, during my usual shopping at Miles Market, when I couldn't pass by the bunch of beautiful basil leaves, this recipe has popped up in my mind. Well.. now or never.
Getting back home, I figured out that can of coconut milk required by the recipe, was gone some time ago. Nevertheless I decided to go for Basil Coconut Millet improvising here and there - anyway I had a whole pack of shredded dry coconuts bought couple days ago on my regular trip to Indian grocery. Well .. this improvisation paid off - millet come out probably better than it would be if I would add coconut milk to it also. Even more - I won't even try to make up for original recipe as I'm so happy with my version. Try it! You won't regret, I promise.

What is it?

It's millet, unpopular here in US, but very familiar to all of us, who came from former USSR. I believe, Chinese people knows this grain/seed also as I saw it often in Chinese groceries.
So.. millet cooked in a bit of "risotto" style with addition onion and generous amount of dry unsweetened coconut flakes. When already cooked, it infused with good pile of fresh basil chiffonade and nice amount of basil olive oil.

Taste Description

Tender, falling apart texture of millet "kasha" paired perfectly with angelic combination of basil and coconut flavor. Basil olive oil and ground black pepper, added on a top of millet right before serving, bring a little tang to the dish.

How to Serve

Serve hot or warm. As much as it looks like a great side dish, I would prefer to enjoy it solo, without any other distracting elements. Well, may be nice cold Pinot Grigio would be quite nice to go with it..

Coconut Basil Millet

For 4 medium servings: 
  • 2 cups millet
  • 1.5 cup dry unsweetened coconut flakes
  • about 20 fresh basil leaves
  • 3 tbs olive oil
  • 1 cup extra virgin olive oil, 20 fresh basil leaves and pinch of course sea salt for Basil Olive Oil (you will have leftovers that you can use for any pasta or rice dishes)
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp salt 
  • 4 cups hot (boiling) water

- In a large pan, on a medium heat, cook onion in an olive oil until translucent and soft.

- Add millet, coconut flakes and cook stirring for a couple minutes.

- Add 4 cups of boiling water, salt, stir, let it boil for a couple minutes. Then cover tightly with a lid and switch to the lowest heat setting possible. Forget about it for 15 minutes.

- Make basil chiffonade by rolling basil leaves tightly together and then slicing it across very thinly.

- Make basil olive oil blending together best quality extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil leaves. I like to use my immersion blender for this (see pictures). If you will have leftovers - keep them in a fridge.

-Take pan with millet from the heat and let it seat covered for 10 more minutes.

- Take out lid from a millet, fluff it up and dad basil chiffonade, stir it in nicely. Serve millet in a bowl, generously sprinkled with a green basil oil and freshly ground black pepper. Enjoy!


Though called powder, I call these shredded dried coconuts flakes. I buy it at Indian grocery store. It passes its flakiness onto millet :) Kasha comes out with a flaky, falling apart texture - just ideal to me.

I buy millet at Russian groceries. They also sold at Chinese and Indian shops too.

Onion is soft and translucent. Time to add millet and coconut - it reminds me technique for cooking risotto.

Stir it for a couple of minute to get millet and coconuts swirled into olive oil and onion nicely.

Of course you could add some kind of stock instead of water .. but why? I added water and it turned out great!

let's start on Basil Oil

Magic Green Basil potion is ready.. isn't it beautiful?!

It's so cute - millet self-served itself by creating these tiny vents for steam..

..perfect texture... not soggy, not overdried..

..basil chiffonade.. such a fancy word for just cutting basil very thinly :)

I still insist - it's too beautiful not to take extra pic

..yumm.. I want to run to the store for ingredient to make it again... I need to try it with other grains...rice? buckwheat??!!!

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  1. This is an inspiring dish! I am always on the look out for different ways to use that jar of millet in my pantry - this is a great idea.


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