Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Garlicky Cheese Spread

It's cheese appetizer well known to all ex-USSRians. Easy to make, inexpensive cheese spread, everybody's pleaser and would be a great candidate for hors d'oeuvre table if ... it would not have that much garlic in it. So, be aware of Garlic Dragon Breath!

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Of course you can put just a little bit of garlic in this spread but then it would not be the same at all. Fare amount od garlic make this spread that good.

Back in USSR, into wavy 70ties and 80ties, into the times of total deficits, we didn't have much choice in regard of cheeses as well. Our groceries were always loaded with one variety - small 3"x2" brick of processed cheese, wrapped in foil. It was the main ingredient for this Garlicky Cheese Spread. Now, we use any kind of cheese. Depending on variety you will get slightly different taste. The best bet for this recipe would be using soft cheeses such as muenster, gouda, provolone or mozzarella. I would not use American processed cheeses but you can try. Mix of two cheeses works very well also. In the recipe below I used mozzarella and feta just to add an extra zing from the saltiness of feta.

What is it?

Hand grated cheese mixed with mayonnaise and garlic. That's it! No other seasoning is required, not even salt! Though it's a matter of personal preference.

Taste Description

Garlic rules in this recipe. Its strong taste and flavor is infused very naturally into smooth, a bit chunky texture of this spread. Mayonnaise brings everything together and finishes up your taste buds experience perfectly.

How to Serve

It's great on a top of rye bread, or as one of your sandwich layers. If you would like to go further - stuff baby peppers with it, or fill celery boats. 

Garlicky Cheese Spread

  • 4 oz mozarella, grated using coarse grater
  • 4 oz feta, grated using coarse grater
  • 2 tbs good mayo
  • 5 garlic cloves, finely grated (I like to use microplane)

- Mix all together. Finished! Enjoy!


- To make the spread softer, more delicate and add some tender tasty notes, boiled eggs, coarsely grated, are added often.

- I would use ready-grated packaged cheese just if I'm really in a hurry and need to make my spread FAST. They put some stuff in there to prevent cheese to from sticking together.

- Sometimes, my fellow ex-USSRians use fine grater to grate a cheese. It's hard for me to tell which way is better, I just realize that using coarse grater is faster :)

- A lot of additional elements can be added to this spread such as your favorite spices, or fresh herbs - your fantasy sets the limits! Although I like this very basic recipe above for the fact that being basic by any means it brings a lot of flavor and satisfaction.

- Also you can replace half of the mayo with sour cream - taste will be mellower. In this case you may want to add a pinch of salt.

I used cookie dough spoon to make these pretty round balls on a top of my hearty rye bread.

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