Friday, December 6, 2013

Cough Mix

At this jolly but cold time of year, for all of you, attacked by adenovirus or some other nasty "creature", here is the recipe of ... cough remedy. It's a popular remedy in my family, used for years and it works wonders. I will be happy if it can help you too.

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My blog has grown another "leg" - I decided to post something completely different than usual recipes, thus opening a door into new category "Remedy".
I firmly believe that right food is not just fuel for our bodies, but a remedy as well. Nope, I'm not a naturopath per se; but I have experienced some "miracles" natural products capable of.

This wonder mix to alleviate cough had come to me and my family many years ago. Back in Ukraine, when I was in my "green" years, somebody (I believe one of my friends, I guess) brought this recipe up. It had worked then, and worked many times after when the recipe become popular in my circles and we were glad to spread the word (recipe) to all in need.

The pros:

- it helps to lessen and loosen cough. It seems to work in multiple directions: relatively thick consistency of the mixture coats the walls of your throat while olive oil softens irritated lining, alcohol kills those bugs and honey heals it on its own.

- it tastes all right, nothing unbearable, sweet and a bit "booz-y". If you use flavorless olive oil - you won't taste it there.

- at bare minimum - it won't harm, unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients - honey, hard liquor or olive oil (I never heard somebody being allergic to olive oil :))

The cons:

- it's not for kids or babies :(. Although if you are ok with using raw honey for your child, and if your child is no baby anymore, mix of honey and olive oil would work too.

After all said, use your own judgment, people ;) and be healthy, and be happy!

What is it?

Raw honey, hard liquor and olive oil, taken in equal amounts and stirred up into emulsion.
Taste Description

Sweet, with a boozy undertones, no olive oil taste whatsoever unless you used extra virgin one, cold pressed (which is probably would be ideal but then I'm not sure about the taste)

How to Take

First, hydrate yourself nicely - have your favorite drink or two (not alcoholic though!), warm drink is better IMHO. Then make the mix and, with a teaspoon, start sipping it slowly  but surely - stretch your sipping procedure into 15 - 20 minutes making short intermissions between sips. Drink up all 3-tbs-volume mix. Do not drink or eat anything after this for at least hour or two - you want this mix to stay on your throat walls as long as possible. I like to do this at night, right before going to bed, or right in a bed!
Please note that I do not think it's a good idea to do this "sipping" procedure more than three times a day :)

Cough Mix

For a one time mixture:
  • 1 tbs raw, good quality honey (hardened honey is OK)
  • 1 tbs flavorless olive oil (or extra virgin if you wish)
  • 1 tbs cognac or vodka (in a final mix there is not much difference in taste between those two)  

- Mix all ingredients into smooth emulsion. With just a teaspoon, it will take 10-15 stirs.

- Sip it drop by drop, healing your throat and fighting cough.. I hope tomorrow morning you will feel better :) 


- I have such a mixed feelings toward honey. I hated it in my childhood, not a huge fan now and at the same time I realize huge healing potentials of it. Interesting and somewhat funny that my Ukrainian maiden last name, Vashchenko, derived from word beeswax (in Ukrainian of course).. and my ancestors have being honey makers.. wooha!


Usually, we use vodka for the mixture but this time I decided to pamper myself with cognac .. poor me..ahem-ahem..I mean cough-cough...
Also I used my regular cooking olive oil. To be honest I do not like taste of extra virgin olive oil in my cough mixture.

all in..

couple hand moves...

and suspension is created..

It's a measuring table spoon I made mixture with... I sipped this stuff from my tiniest measuring spoon.. just for fun..


  1. Sounds good. Hopefully I won't get sick and cough this winter but if I do I'll give it a try.

    1. I didn't have cold for a last two years but just succumbed to this nasty bug circling around.. Be healthy!


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