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Pan-fried Potato with Chanterelle

Suddenly, you realize that there is nothing more satisfying than steaming pan of fried potato with onion and mushrooms, just taken off a stove.

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What we do here, in States, when there is nothing to eat at home? We order pizza. What we did when we lived in Ukraine? We pan-fried potato (everyone had potato stocked up in a pantry)! If, by the chance, you happened to have a piece of bacon or handful of wild mushrooms picked up on your way home at tiny street market by your bus stop, then you were all set for a hearty delicious meal. 

When I lived in Kiev, on my way back from a work, at Petrovka metro station, when I walked to a bus stop, there were some elderly woman, man from nearby villages selling all sorts of produce they grew by themselves or harvested in surrounding forests - wild mushrooms, herbs, cucumbers, cabbage, fresh eggs, etc. Every time I saw chanterelle mushrooms there, I couldn't resist and grabbed some to make one of my favorite quick fixes - fried potato with chanterelle mushrooms. Actually, in Ukraine, we called chanterelles "lisichki" which literally means "a little fox". Aren't they look like ones, indeed?

Now, you, probably, will understand my excitement when recently, at my local farmer's market, I spotted nice looking chanterelle mushrooms. Even $19 per pound didn't scare me away! I wanted my kids to try something I loved in my "previous" life ;)

I cooked it, my potato with chanterelles were lovely, but... is it me changed or those farmed chanterelles have forgotten their aroma when they were growing in a wild - I didn't get that very unique fragrance of chanterelles I remember from my childhood. Nevertheless, kids loved it and I'm sure, I'll be cooking it again but next time I'll take shitake or oyster mushrooms as they are very similar in texture and might even have stronger flavor than those pricey farmed chanterelles.

What is it?

It is simply potato fried with onion and chanterrele mushrooms! Easy, and so delicious.

Taste Description

Tender, sometimes crispy, pieces of potato, are delightful. Especially when forked all together with a fried mushroom and onion. A little bit of black pepper gives a right level of kick. 

How to Serve/Store

Serve it hot or warm, with a pickles on a side. Leftovers will keep in a fridge for a few days.

Pan-fried Potato with Chanterelle 

  • 2 handfuls of chanterelle mushrooms (or shitake, or oyster mushrooms), chopped
  • potatoes, peeled and sliced in matchsticks
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 7 tbs olive oil
  • 2 tbs butter
  • salt and black pepper to taste 
- Preheat large frying pan with olive oil. Cook sliced potato, on a medium heat, for about 10-15 minutes, turning it over occasionally, just until it starts to become light-gold.

- Add onion, chanterelles and salt, and continue to cook uncovered, flipping occasionally, until potato gets nice golden-brown patches here and there and potato almost cooked through.

- Add pepper, turn over carefully, place pieces of butter on top, cover with a lid and let it sweat on a low heat for about 5-10 minutes just until the lightest (in color) piece of potato is nice, tender and completely cooked through. 

- Done! Enjoy!


- Make sure potato is completely soft and cooked through.

- As an option, add chopped green onion or parsley at the very end of cooking process. It will give it a nice freshness.

- Be generous with an olive oil. Add some more if you feel so ;)



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