Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Arpege Egg

May be it was not a failure at all after all? May be I/we just didn't develop yet that level of taste sophistication to recognize it? May be our palates is not ready yet? Anyway, I liked the name of this dish and especially I liked the fact that it was one of the few recipes of Alain Passard, famous chef. Arpege Egg is served at L'Arpege Restaurant in Paris. So, being brave in my experimentations, I decided, what the h***, I'll make myself a favor of enjoying Arpege Egg.
That was fun to do it anyway. Taste-wise it was interesting though didn't meet my expectations. I suspect, there should be that perfect balance between sweet and salty that just top masters can reach. So, I still reserve my rights to go to L'Arpege Restaurant some time in a future.
Here is original link where I've got recipe from: ArpegeEggs. And here are pictures.

Step one: here is egg yolk in its own shell, after it was floating until barely cooked in a pot with simmering water. Some fresh chives from my garden are sprinkled on a top.

Step two: some salt and pepper and whipped whites go on a top of chives.

Final product with maple syrup on a top of whipped whites.

Here comes a bite. Looks intriguing, right? I may be revisiting this recipe, after all egg is my favorite food ever. Should I mention I had to eat my husband's and my son's portions also because after first bite they refused to finish it? It was not disgusting, the taste was just very unusual.


  1. for Arpege egg you should use lightly whipped heavy cream instead of egg whites.

    1. I'm not sure (it was a year ago) if I really put egg whites on a top, or that's just typo... because (I just checked!) original recipe states clearly "heavy cream". Well, now I have to try it again (what a stubborn nature of mine:)) Thank you thank you for pointing at this! I like your visits :) Did you try (eat or prepare) arpege eggs? How do you like it?


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