Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cheese Souffle

I'm not sure it's right to place experimentation with souffle in My Failure category. It tasted pretty good but I guess it was lacking that extra airiness that, I imagine, must be the main feature of any kind of souffle. There can be my fault because while watching through oven window how beautifuly souffle was rising I decided to take pitures of them right away: I've opened oven, took couple shots, closed oven and guess what - it fell down! Yes, it started to rise again although damage was done already...

As you can see I baked souffle both ways: with and without water bath - didn't see much difference. As I like to simplify things, version without water bath is more appealing to me :) Though classic way is definitely with water bath as it supposed to keep souffle light and creamy.

Here is the link to original recipe I used: Perfect Cheese Souffle

My notes after trying this recipe:
-          When making bechamel make sure you got rating butter/flour/milk righ. I made it too thick. It should be soft and a bit runny.
-          Do not open oven during baking (I did and it fell)
-          I’m not sure water bath is a must.
-          Oven temp should be not more than 370
-          Overall 10 points anyway (despite the fact I used Colby Jack instead of gruyere)

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