Sunday, March 18, 2012

Early awakening

I hope that everything that's going on in a nature right now - super early spring, crazy tornadoes and so on is not a result of human mishaps such as oil spills or pollution in general. I'm not complaining about early spring, it's just beautifully unexpected and thus scary. Here is the picture of one of my favorite bush Bridal Wreath Spirea, it reminds me my childhood. On this picture, with my phone camera (!), I caught some sun rays breaking through the trees, I hope you can see those rays - they are awesome.

Bush started to show leaves in a matter of hours. Right now, two days later, it's all covered in leaves.

Daffodills are ready to pop also:

Pictures below are my semi-dwarf peach and dwarf sour cherry that I got for my deck last year. I was planning to do root trimming for these trees  to keep them potted and of course I totally missed the right moment to do this because of the such a sudden spring. This kind of trim needed to be performed when trees were still in dormancy, one week before their spring awakening. I decided not to take a risk and let them grow as is this year (may be with some branch cut and some slight fertilizing). We'll see what happens. Well, at least I know that they have handled winter well...

..and here is the same peach tree 3 days later:

Below is my last year newcomer - pink Fairy rose. It is making new leaves pretty good. I can't wait to see how it will show itself this year.

Royal Star white magnolia shows a little pink through the buds. When in full bloom it's snowy white, just beautiful:

Here is Vinka Minor is up and flowering:

A little deviation from live things: device below with a motion detection is supposed to scare deers away from my surviving Osakazuki maple. What's interesting that it makes ultrasound waves that my son is able to hear (is it soft young year drums that's still sensitive to ultrasound?). I just hope same happens for deers and I won't see snapped maple twigs anymore...

Just evergreens seeminly still asleep:

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