Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Handheld Dough Mixer

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Handheld Dough Mixer

What I Use It For
I use it to mix tough dough, ground meat or anything that has dense consistency and requires ingredients to be mixed thoroughly. It's a tough little guy that does a same job as whisk does but in, let's say in a more resistent environment.

Why I Like It
It's a very sturdy tool. With it, I mix, stir faster and better than I would do this with spatula or spoon. I felt need in this tool all the time when I wish I could mix stuff with whisk but whisk was too flimsy for the task.
Before I was digging my hands into mix to incorporate ingredients better, now my hand are clean and happy.

No need to say that cleaning is not a problem also?

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