Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mandoline Slicer

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Mandoline Slicer

What I Use It For
When I need to slice cabbage, onion, potato for gratin. Also I use it for a very special task of julienning carrots for Korean Spicy Carrots or julienning zucchini or mango for salads (there is special toothed insert for this).

Why I Like It
I was searching and could not fine better tool for julienning vegetables and fruits. Also I cook a lot with cabbage and this makes task of slicing cabbage an easy one. Big plus is easiness of cleaning.
I have also expensive stainless steel mandoline for which I paid five times more than for this one and guess what - I don't use it! Stainless steel one is heavy, bulky and does worse job than this one.
Also, for julienning, I wish I would like my another tool, smaller toothed handheld peeler-like thingy I have. But again, I prefer my plain mandoline pictures above!

This mandoline, as well as all mandolines, comes with toothed vegetable (fruit) holder to protect your hands from cuts. I do not use it. Please be careful if you are not going to use it also. After some practice, after two really bad cuts, I'm comfortable with it now. This type of cuts may be severe ones, so again, be careful - slow down when your hand is closer to blade.

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