Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marinated Pepper

It's garlicky, sweet-and-sour appetizer/condiment/side dish you may become addicted to. It's a member of beloved family of "marinated/fermented/sour/pickled" vegetables that we, call us Russians, can't leave without.

What is it
 It's a cooked pepper, green, red, orange or yellow, or altogether. Then some fresh garlic, vinegar and sugar mixed in.

How it's served
You can have it as a side dish or a condiment to your main dish. It's perfect for sandwiches - for this purpose, during preparation, cut it in a bigger pieces. We, "soviets" :), like to eat it with, of course, potato.

Some side comments
I hope you won't be bothered much by thin skin - it's perfectly fine to eat it (don't you want some additional fiber in your meal?!). OR you can peel it off while eating (again, some work to slow the eating process itself and prolong chewing time :))

How to store it
It should be kept in a refrigerator for as long as couple weeks.

Any vegetable can be prepared the same way. Sometime I combine vegetables, for example I may add baby carrots to pepper, or big slices of onion. Also some fresh or dry herbs such as parsley can be added right after vegetables are cooked. Also, while vegetables can be cooked in various ways - boiled, steamed, roasted or even in a microwave, I prefer my toaster-oven to roast them. Sometimes when time is matter, I do it in a microwave.


7 peppers (red, orange, green and yellow)
1 tsp salt
2 tbs olive oil
5 garlic cloves
2 tbs sugar
3 tbs vinegar

- Wash and clean pepper from seeds. Cut it in a big or small pieces by your preference.
- In a big bowl, combine pepper pieces with a salt and olive oil (I just give it a couple good shakes that's why bigger bowl - better)
- Place pepper in a glass dish, cover tightly and pop in an oven for 40 min. It will take about 1 hour if you will be doing it, as me, in a toaster-oven.
- When cooked, open up a lid, mix loosely. If you decide to add herbs - do it now.
- After it has cooled down, add minced garlic (when lazy I just use garlic press), sugar and vinegar. Mix carefully.
- Put in a jar and keep in a fridge.
- It's ready to eat as soon as it's cold. Try not to eat all at once


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