Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's for Dinner - Boring Leftovers

Why to do posts of my dinners? Just for fun... Foodies are interested in what other foodies eat on a regular day-to-day basis. I hope it will satisfy someones curiousity and you'll be returning again and again. I may miss day or two but, in genera,l will be making short posts everyday. O yeaa.. also, thanks to my son's gift - Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate cell phone with a great buit-in camera, I can take decent pictures in a breeze no matter where I am at the moment. So, see you tomorrow!

Boring Leftovers

At home

Who's the cook?
Yours truly

- Buckwheat kasha (with all my love to this grain I'm tired to eat it whole week but my hubby cooked huge pot on Monday..and I don't like to freeze, have to finish it somehow)
- Eggplant rolls with goat cheese 
- Some cooked previously cauliflower
- Some stewed vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini and peas). My mother-in-law has brought it for weekend's family dinner.
-Yummy sauce I made last weekend, had come to the rescue and made my plate. I poured it generously all over vegetables and kasha.

Yes. But...well it's leftovers after all.

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