Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's for Dinner - Roasted Cabbage, Carrot and Fish Cakes

Why to do posts of my dinners? Just for fun... Foodies are interested in what other foodies eat on a regular day-to-day basis. I hope it will satisfy someones curiousity and you'll be returning again and again. I may miss day or two but, in genera,l will be making short posts everyday. O yeaa.. also, thanks to my son's gift - Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate cell phone with a great buit-in camera, I can take decent pictures in a breeze no matter where I am at the moment. So, see you tomorrow!

Roasted Cabbage, Carrot and Fish Cakes

At home

Who's the cook?
Yours Truly
- Fish cakes. I've got huge bag of grey sole belly area cuts which turned out to be 50/50 fat to actual fillet ratio. Couldn't think any better than to grind it and make fish cakes. As binding agent I used dry old-style oat flakes and eggs. If you never used oats for this purpose you are probably in shock, but you would be surprised how "invisible" oats are in the final product.
- Slow roasted cabbage with carrot. Actually it's not my style for cooking cabbage. Usually I cook it briefly but this time I wanted to try something different - not bad but probably won't do it again.

These are actually leftovers from weekend's cooking. I have to learn to cook in smaller quantities if I want to eat freshly prepared meals :)

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