Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's for Dinner - Mexico Resort Food, Day 6

Why to do posts of my dinners? Just for fun... Foodies are interested in what other foodies eat on a regular day-to-day basis. I hope it will satisfy someones curiousity and you'll be returning again and again. I may miss day or two but, in general, l will be making short posts everyday. O yeaa.. also, thanks to my son's gift - Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate cell phone with a great buit-in camera, I can take decent pictures in a breeze no matter where I am at the moment. So, see you tomorrow!

Mexico Resort Food - Day 6


Cancun all-inclusive resort

Who's the cook?
Some Mexican chef :)

Top picture, left to right:
- Lovely guacamole
- Marinated jalapeno with carrots and onion
- Fresh salsa
Bottom picture, clock-wise from center-bottom:
- Carrot puree
- Fried Mexican cheese
- Baked Salmon
- Grilled perch-looked fish
- Tomato baked tuna
- Stuffed fish roll (with shredded vegetables on top)
- Fish and pepper skewer
- Rice with mushrooms
- Peas and carrots risotto
- Stewed vegetable in tomato sauce.

As always, guacamole was great - I could live whole week on this guacamole alone. Marinated jalapeno with carrots and onion was another one of my favorite things there - on the edge of my spicyness tolerance, sour and strangely addictive. Salsa was simple and good enough.
From the picture in a bottom I liked the most risotto and fried cheese. Fish, as most of the dishes there, was pretty flavorless but I appreciated subtle natural taste and texture of all those variaties of fish.

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