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Tomato Spread

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My dad was always cooking this tomato spread, his take on it was the best in a family. In the south part of Ukraine, during the tomato season, we always had abandance of this fruit (yes, it's fruit and I like to call it so:). This spread is one of the way my parents learnt to preserve it for a winter. I follow my dad's recipe but do not make it canned - I make it in lesser quantities and we usually eat it withing three or four days.
This tomato spread is very versatile - it pairs nicely with piece of bread or cracker as well as on a top of pasta or inside of your burger sandwich.

- Variations are limited just because it's so geniously simple, tomatoes and onions - that's it!
- Before, I tried to put some herbs into this dish but it never made it better, so just try it as I put it here - I hope you will be happy with what you'll get.

Tomato Spread

For about 3 cups of final product:

10 medium size tomatoes (not meaty type, more "watery" type, fully ripe are the best)  
1 large onion, diced
1/3 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
2-3 bay leaves
sugar to taste
3 tbs olive oil

- Cut/chop your tomatoes into aproximately 1" pieces.

- In the skillet with olive oil, cook onions until soft and translucent.

- Add tomatoes, bay leaves and salt.  Cook on a medium heat, stirring occationally, for about 1 hour or more, until tomato become paste like. Adjust seasoning adding some salt and sugar. We like our tomato spread more on a sweet side so adding some sugar for me is the must.

- Make sure you have cooked your tomatoes long enough - juices has to be reduced completely and tomatoes begin caramelize.

- Take off the heat and cool down. Place in a glass jar. It can be kept in a fridge for several days. Enjoy!

Tomatoes have released a lot of juices. They will reduce later on and create thick base for our tomato spread.

It's pretty done, couple more minutes...

On a top of rye bread, broiled with some cheese, it has made my tasty breakfast today!

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