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Breakfast Burrito

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I prepare these burritos for breakfast pretty often. Who would not like crunchy parcels with soft and cheesy-stringy filling? Beans (or refried beans) and cheese are the must for the filling, all other - matter of your fantasy and creativity. So, are you ready?

- As I said above, you have to have beans and cheese (and of course, tortillas) for making these burritos. Then add something meaty for carnivores, some mushrooms, some herbs, sauces or even rice - list can go on and on. Recipe below is just a suggestion :)
- Use any wheat tortillas available - all will work.
- Experiment with cheeses!

Breakfast Burrito

Serves 4

4 wheat tortillas  
1 can of black beans (or refried beans)
1 c grated mozzarella or cheddar
1 c chopped salami (optional, for meat-lovers)
1/2 c chopped fresh parsley
- In a separate bowl, roughly smash beans to get them somewhat spreadable. I use potato masher for this - couple moves and you are done.

- Spread beans onto tortilla, forming rectangle in a lower part of tortilla circle.
- On a top of beans, lay chopped salami (if using), parsley and cheese.
- Fold it in a parcel/envelope shape and place on a dry skillet, seam side down. Put the tortilla press on top (or heavy pot) and cook at the very low heat setting for about 10-20 minutes (depending on your stove temper) until it is golden brown on a bottom.
- Flip it over and cook for about 7 more minutes to get it crusted on another side.
- Transfer to the plates and enjoy along with your morning coffee!

- Make sure the heat is low, then cheese inside of your burrito will have chance to melt nicely and burrito won't burn on outside but will be crusty-crispy.

I used refried beans here just because I had it. But in general, I like my burrito with smashed canned black beans the most.

Fold it up envelope-style.

Parcel is good to be send to the skillet to get some crunch.

I actually surprised how often I use this tortilla press :)

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