Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Yard Creatures - Snake

It's a snake. Would be good to know if it's venomous.. most likely not.. but.

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Our Yard Creatures - Snake
#1 - I know now that I was not hallucinating hearing "boiling kettle" sound several times coming from a wild bushes by the road.

# 2 - It was scary enough seeing tiny 3-5" baby snakes whooshing in all direction when we were walking a dog last summer, following trivial sidewalk route through our neighborhood.

# 3 - Recently we've found this (below) beauty in a crack between our driveway and retaining wall. Poor thingy was probably scared more than us.

As Ohio state's nature centers insist we may encounter "just" three poisonous types of snakes here and just one of them, copperhead, won't have distinctive rattle at the end of a tail. Close comparison of our findings to the pictures of "mean" copperhead has revealed  - we are not in a danger!

It is so called Smooth Earth Snake, innocent armless creature which loves to treat itself to earthworms and hides from bigger predators in cracks and old leaf piles. .. Well..I'm almost ready to cuddle it in my arms :) Look at these body waves:


FYI, we actually didn't scare the creature  away - next day, she was there, leisurely stretching in a same-colored dry leaves and little twigs.

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