Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finicky tulips

It's warm again here, in Ohio, so my garden diaries make its come back. Look at this beautiful but soooo "moody" tulips.

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Finicky Tulips
Last year, I was cheering up my tulips - they were brighter than sun.. so look at them now - where all those colors, height and strength are?! Those bright orange tulips I adored so much last year threw some ill pale yellow petals out and died almost instantly :( Crimson and purple ones are holding on much better but perspectives are not bright for a next year :(

Well, after some basic research turned out tulips are "not so easy" to grow. First year they come strong and beautiful and fade away every next year until some silly single leaves pick up in a spring as a reminder to you that you were not dreaming about having tulips...

Before knowing tricky tulips nature, I threw some more bulbs into a ground last fall. Here what comes out this spring:

I love these twisted, curved lines. Combination of hot orange-red flowing into fuchsia is my all-times favorite color combo.


Aren't they awesome? Rich complex colors, graceful stature - royal indeed. Not long lasting though probably - we'll see what happens to them next year.

For now, as I scarce on time and eager to flowers, colors and anything bright in strategy toward tulips will be - getting better care for existing ones in regard of plant food, deadheading and mulching. There is another option - digging bulbs out and replanting them for a new season but, excuse me - sounds like way too much work..For a future planting - green light just to those non-hybrid types of tulips that are more reliable and less moody (yet to be researched which one exactly).

This was my pretty :) and sad :( tulip story for today.


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