Friday, June 21, 2013

Avocado Egg Benedict

I love-love-love egg benedict so much! I would eat it every day, really.. But it's so loaded.. Avocado Egg Benedict is the fantasy on the subject. Pretty successful one!

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Avocado Egg Benedict


Oh ya, I'm still a huge fan of classic egg benedict but yolks +  eggs + butter bothers me just a little bit and annoys me enough to dream about something more healthful - Avocado Egg Benedict it is!

How I didn't think before to pair my two favorites - eggs and avocadoes? Creamy enough for sauce, avocado is a great candidate to replace Hollandaise sauce, that one of classic benedict's. It's just a matter of adding right seasoning on it and voila. I guess I could have for a breakfast every day for a little while.

What is it

Same idea as Egg Benedict:
layer 1 - pita in place of english muffin
layer 2 - ham (highly optional, for me at least)
layer 3 - pouched egg (some technique required.. but just try)
layer 4 - avocado sauce in place of Hollandaise (not even close as elaborating as Hollandaise)

Taste Description

It's deli-c-i-o-u-ssssss. It's basically a nice open face sandwich (if with a ham) bathing in a sea of smoothness and silkiness of both runny egg yolk and avocado sauce. Textures are so awesome that great flavors of sauce and other supplemental ingredients are almost secondary to the buttery (though there is no butter!) dance in your mouth ;)

How to Serve

That's the hardest part as with any kind of egg benedict - it has to be served right away to preserve The Must element - warmness of ingredients, especially yolk.

Avocado Egg Benedict 

 For 4 servings (2 eggs per serving):
  • 8 eggs
  • 4 pitas, cut in half (english muffin or your choice of bread)
  • green onion, thinly chopped, for garnishing
Avocado sauce:
  • 1 large avocado, soft and ripe
  • cilantro sprigs
  • 1 garlic (optional)
  • 1/6 sweet onion (optional)
  • 1 lime juice and zest (zest - optional)
  • boiling water (cooled down to warm, for sauce)
  • salt to taste

- Prepare all ingredients first, cut, peel and clean.

- Make avocado sauce using blender or stick blender (as I did). Dilute sauce with warm water to the right smooth near-pourable consistency.

- Prepare plates with pita and ham already on.

- Pouch eggs (look up on youtube how to do this if you are new to it, but do not be too intimidated - it's much easier than it seems)

- Using slotted spoon, remove eggs from a water. Do not forget to rest a spoon with a pouched egg for a few seconds on a folded paper towel to remove some extra-water. Sometimes I pat it lightly on top with another paper towel too.

- Carefully flip egg over onto the pita.

- Dilute avocado sauce with a little more hot water if needed and top eggs with a sauce. Garnish with green onion and .. done! Enjoy!


This is mine..without ham - delicious!



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