Monday, April 9, 2012

Caramelized Onion Chicken

This recipe requires minimum ingredients, simple, tasty and does not require you to be glued to the kitchen area. That's why it is very popular in our family and "runs in a family" since I remember myself.

What it is
This is chicken cooked on a slow heat without any additional water and with a lot of onion - more the merrier (read: more tasty, sticky, sweet & salty caramelized onion).

How it's served
Traditionaly it is served with some kind of side dish - pasta, potato, kasha.

Some side comments
What comments?! It just very tasty. Period.

How to store it
Can be kept in a fridge for a few days as usually for cooked chicken.

As with all recipes, it may be endless variations but I ask : "Why?". It is great in it's simplicity and "onioness". Of course, any parts of chicken can be used for this - drumsticks, thighs, wings. I would just stay away from chicken breast - it may become too dry.

- It's not a crime to add a little water if needed, but if it's done on a lowest heat setting, covered with lid - you may even need to let it cook without lid (at the end of cooking) in order for some liquid to evaporate to get that beautiful onion mess on a chicken pieces.

Caramelized Onion Chicken
8 chicken drumsticks
3 large onions
0.5 salt
pepper (optional) 
3 tbs olive oil

- Throw chicken and roughly chopped onion into a pan with olive oil, cover with lid and let it cook on a very low heat for about 2.5 hours.
- Come back couple times to check and stir. Add salt in a middle of process.
- Closer to the end of cooking, open the lid and cook for a little bit more for a liquid to evaporate. Be careful not to burn at this point. Your goal is to get sticky thick onion sauce.
- Dig in, forget about sticky fingers, enjoy!


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